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Requirements to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in California

Ultimately, the only requirement for adoption in California is knowing if it’s right for your situation. Placing your baby for adoption means:

  • Doing so out of love for your baby

  • Making the brave, selfless choice to provide your baby with the best opportunities possible

  • Showing your own strength by putting your baby’s needs first

American Adoptions is a full-service, national adoption agency with decades of adoption experience. That means we’ll be there for your adoption from start to finish. From helping you understand adoption requirements in California to post-placement support, we are here for you.

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Requirements to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in California

Anyone can give their baby up for adoption.

People from all walks of life choose adoption for different reasons. There is a family for every baby, and adoption is always an option for you.

To place a baby for adoption in California, you’ll need to:

  • Step 1: Decide if adoption is right for you.

  • Step 2: Create your adoption plan.

  • Step 3: Find the right adoptive family for your baby.

  • Step 4: Create your hospital birth plan.

  • Step 5: Determine the post-adoption relationship that works best for you.

Still, each agency may have its own requirements to give a baby up for adoption in California. Just as each state has its own adoption laws, adoption agencies have their own rules, too.

For example, most agencies, ours included, do not handle placements of children over the age of 4. Adoption is always an option, but it does become more difficult as your child gets older.

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What Are the Requirements for Adoption in California?

Your situation in life will never be a reason you can’t choose adoption. If adoption is right for you, then there are no laws for giving a baby up for adoption in California. Knowing adoption is right for your situation is the one true requirement to give a baby up for adoption in California.

Working with our agency can help you determine if it’s right for your situation. We know adoption is an emotionally complex journey. Fortunately, you are never alone.

That’s why we offer free, 24/7 counseling to address those complicated emotions. We’ll answer any of your questions and address all your concerns about adoption.

Remember that placing your baby for adoption is not “giving up” on them. In fact, “giving up” is the last thing you’re doing. Choosing adoption is a decision based on wanting to provide the best possible life for your baby. 

Here are three more general “rules” to follow when “giving up” your baby for adoption: 

1. Create an Adoption Plan with Our Agency

When you choose adoption with our agency, you’re in charge. You call all the shots while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Those decisions include:

  • Choosing the perfect family for your baby

  • Determining what your hospital stay looks like

  • Selecting the type of post-adoption contact you want with the adoptive family and your baby

Although it’s not an adoption requirement in California, it will help bring you peace of mind during this life-changing journey.

Think of your adoption plan as the roadmap for your adoption. It will guide the process from start to finish based on your preferences.

Contact us online to get more free information now about creating an adoption plan with our agency. We can’t wait to hear from you!

2. Understand Your Local Adoption Laws

Understanding California’s adoption laws is integral to knowing what the requirements are for adoption in California.

Although some states have legal requirements to put your child up for adoption, California does not.  

Some states have a revocation period before you can sign your consent to the adoption. In California, with our agency, there is no revocation period for domestic adoption. You can consent to your adoption any time after the baby is born and you have been discharged from the hospital.

3. Sign Your Adoption Consent

Adoption is a lifelong decision, and you always have the right to change your mind until you sign the consent paperwork.

Signing the consent paperwork is one of the few requirements to give a baby up for adoption in California. That’s why you need to be sure of your decision when going through this step.

You will never be forced to sign your consent until you are 100% confident with your decision. But, once you sign the consent forms, your parental rights can’t be reinstated.

The requirements for adoption in California are complete once you sign the consent paperwork. But that doesn’t mean adoption ends there.

Adoption is a lifelong journey, and there is no right or wrong way to begin post-adoption life.

As a birth parent, you can:

  • Start fresh

  • Resume your life as “normal”

  • Pursue life goals

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The adoption process can seem daunting at first glance. That’s where we come in.

Our staff comprises birth mothers, adoptive families and adoptees. We’ll use our firsthand knowledge to make sure your adoption process is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

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