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The Adoption Process in California

Each year, hopeful parents throughout the United States turn to adoption as a way to build their family. But what is adoption in California?

And how can you know if it’s right for you?

Adoption offers a wonderful way for potential parents to start building their families. It also offers a child the chance to grow up in a loving family.

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What is Adoption in California?

Adoption is a family-building process in which a person takes legal responsibility for a child. With adoption, an adult may not be biologically related to a child, but they will legally become that person’s parent.

What is the Adoption Process in California?

The adoption process includes choosing an adoption professional, completing a home study, creating a waiting family profile, matching with a birth mother and placement of the child.

You can get more specific information on the adoption process by checking out this complete guide.

Who is Involved in Adoption?

When you’re considering adoption, it’s important to ask yourself how adoption can impact the people involved.

The people directly involved when you decide to adopt a child are sometimes called an adoptive triad.

The triad includes:

  • The adoptee
  • The birth parent(s)
  • The adoptive parent(s)

Each of the people involved in the adoption may feel its effects in different ways, so it’s important to consider each person’s feelings when you ask, “What is adoption in California? And is it right for me?”


What is an adoption in California like for an adoptee?

When a child is adopted, they’ll have the chance to be raised in a loving and stable family.

Adoptees have many different feelings when it comes to their adoption experiences, but most agree that open adoption can make an incredible difference.

With open adoption, adoptees grow up knowing that they are adopted and that they have birth parents who loved them enough to choose the right family for them. They’ll also have the chance to meet and get to know their birth parents throughout their life.

For many adoptees, the ability to speak with and get to know their birth parents is an incredible experience.

Adoptees who have an open adoption also tend to have a more positive relationship with their adoption story.

Birth Parents

What is private adoption in California like for birth parents?

For birth parents, placing a child for adoption is a difficult decision. But, many birth parents choose adoption because they know that they’re giving their child an incredible chance at a wonderful future.

Adoption enables birth parents to pursue their futures — careers, educations, and other dreams — while knowing that their child is being raised in a loving family.

If a birth parent chooses open adoption, they will still be able to watch their child grow up. Open adoption allows adoptive and birth parents to connect throughout the child’s life.

Communication can take place through:

  • Cards and letters
  • Emails
  • Video calls
  • Pictures
  • Visits

Adoptive Parents

For adoptive parents wondering what domestic adoption in California is like, remember that this process helps offer a loving and stable family to a child.

Adults who adopt a child have the opportunity to see their parenting dreams become a reality.

Adoptive parents will have the special experience of being able to enjoy the adventures that come with raising a child. They’ll also have the added benefit of knowing that they are providing a loving family to a child — and every child deserves to know the love, safety and permanency of a family. For most adoptive parents, parenting is something they’ve dreamed of for a long time. Adoption turns that dream into a reality.

Planning for Adoption [What You Need to Know]

When you make the decision to pursue adoption, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Many adoptive parents are unsure of what the choices that accompany adoption are. However, you’ll have quite a few important decisions to make and options to consider.

Level of Openness

One of the first decisions adoptive parents need to make is how open they want the adoption to be.

You’ll decide if you want:

  • Open adoption
  • Semi-closed adoption
  • Closed adoption

Open adoption means you’ll have direct contact with the birth parents throughout your child’s life. With a semi-closed adoption, you’ll communicate through an agency. With a closed adoption, you will have no contact with the birth parents.

While the level of openness in your adoption is ultimately up to the birth parents, it’s important to consider this ahead of time.

Type of Adoption

Also, you’ll decide how you want to adopt your child. You may have asked yourself, “What is domestic adoption in California?” This is an important question since there are several kinds of adoption you can choose from:

  • Private domestic
  • International
  • Foster care

While many families prefer domestic private adoption, others want to adopt internationally or from foster care. The type of adoption you wish to pursue will impact your next steps.

Home Study

Adoptive parents will also need to complete a home study. The home study ensures that the child is being placed in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

During your home study, you’ll meet with a social worker to answer questions about your hopes for adoption. You’ll also complete a background check and have a home inspection.

Planning for Parenting

Another important part of planning for adoption is considering how your life will change after you become a parent.

Ask questions such as:

  • Will your child go to daycare?
  • Will you or your spouse become a stay-at-home parent?
  • Will you join a parenting support group?
  • Will your extended family be supportive?
  • How will you talk with your child about their adoption?

As you prepare for your adoption, make sure you’re thinking about these important aspects of the experience.

Moving Forward and Getting Started

So, you’ve asked yourself, “What is adoption in California?”

Now it’s time to start your adoption journey.

Here are American Adoptions, we want you to experience all of the wonderful aspects of adoption.

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