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Adoption Stories in California

If you’re ready to start your adoption adventure, you aren’t alone.

Each year, approximately 100,000 children are adopted in the United States, with about 20,000 of those being domestic infant adoptions.

Although families who adopt share the same goal of building their family, each adoption situation is unique.

If you’re looking for inspiration or you’d just like to read stories about adoption in California, we’ve got you covered.

Stories about adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees who have had incredible experiences with adoption can be very inspiring.

Here at American Adoptions of California, we want to help your adoption goals come to life.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a child, keep reading to experience stories about adoption in California. You can also call 1-800-ADOPTION now to get free information about beginning the adoption process.

Open Adoption

If you’re ready to experience adoption stories in California, you need to hear about Lyndsey and Marie’s experience with open adoption.

Lyndsey and Marie knew they wanted to adopt their children. After their daughter was adopted, they decided to grow their family through adoption again and welcomed their son to their family.

One thing that both Lyndsey and Marie believe is important is open adoption.

Each of their children has a relationship with their birth mothers. This includes yearly visits, as well as contact throughout the year.

Lyndsey has an important piece of advice for other parents who want to adopt: “The more honest you are in your profile, the better your whole experience will be. Once you start lying and pretending you’re somebody you’re not, you’re going to deal with that for the rest of your life.”

Siblings Adoption

When it comes to building a family through adoption, potential adoptive parents aren’t limited to welcoming just one child into their family.

In fact, many families who adopt prefer to adopt multiple children so their kids will have siblings.

When you’re reading stories about adoption in California, make sure you take the time to read about a variety of adoption experiences, including sibling adoptions.

Bethany and Marcus are a couple who welcomed two daughters – Selah and Amayah – into their family. They adopted Selah in 2015 and were thrilled to become parents. A few years later, as they were planning to adopt again, they were contacted by Selah’s birth mother.

She was pregnant and asked if they would consider adopting her child.

Of course, they said yes.

Marcus says, “Adoption is one of the few things left that is done absolutely selflessly.”

Transracial Adoption

As you read stories about adoption in California, you may notice one common trend. Each adoptive parent wants the chance to love a child and provide a caring home for them.

You’ll see that in this next story.

For Meg and Tanner, adoption was an important choice. The couple tried for eight months to conceive, after which time they turned to adoption.

“We really wanted to do adoption,” Meg says.

The couple knew this method of growing their family was right for them.

When it was time to begin the adoption process, they had a lot of questions to answer about adoption. One of the questions they needed to consider was whether they would be comfortable with transracial adoption.

“We had no preference in terms of what the race was,” Meg says. “We thought it would make our family diverse if we all were different. To us, that was an easy thing… We wanted a baby to love and family, and that was the priority.”

As a multiracial couple, Meg and Tanner were prepared for the challenges that could come from raising a child with a different heritage than their own.

Still, both Meg and Tanner take time to carefully surround themselves with diversity, as well as emotionally prepare both themselves and their child, Sloan, for times when their physical differences may impact them.

To Meg and Tanner, the most important thing has always been being able to love a child.

“Knowing that this child needed a home and that was something we could provide — not only are you getting the family of your dreams, but you’re providing a home to a child that needed it,” Meg says. “All of it is such a great experience. It makes it all worth it.”

Adoption Disruption

Stories of adoption in California are important because they can give prospective parents hope, but it’s still important to remember that not every adoption is smooth sailing.

For Mike and Paul, adoption was the first choice when it came to building their family.

The couple began to pursue adoption in March of 2019. Their waiting family profile went live and they began the process of trying to “hurry up and wait.”

And wait they did.

Six months after they started the adoption process, Mike and Paul were selected to be the adoptive family for a child; however, this adoption ended in a disruption.

And so did the next one.

And the next.

With three adoption disruptions, Mike and Paul were devastated and questioned whether they’d actually be able to have the experience of being parents.

But then they got another call.

This one changed their lives.

The couple hopped on a plane and hurried to the hospital to meet their baby. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital had a strict one-visitor policy. This meant that Mike and Paul had to alternate visiting with their new child, but that was okay. They took turns staying with him in the NICU and before they knew it, they were bringing baby Quinn home with them.

Mike and Paul are thrilled that they chose to adopt with American Adoptions.

Paul says, “When looking at all of our adoption agency options out there, one thing that we didn’t really take into account when it came to cost structure or anything like that was the level of engagement from the agency. Our adoptive parent specialist Melanie — the level of engagement and passion and kindness and efficacy that she provided was worth every drop of the agency fee that we paid for her alone.”

When you’re reading stories of adoption in California and other states, you’ll notice one particular thing that each adoptive family has throughout the entire process: patience.

Some adoptions seem to take place overnight, but most families spend at least some time waiting.

Reading adoption success stories in California is a fantastic way to understand how other families spend their “waiting” time and how they feel when they finally get to hold their baby in their arms.

Getting Started

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a child, one of the most important things you can do is to reach out to an adoption specialist who can help you.

Here at American Adoptions, we want to be there for you.

Get free information when you call our team or fill out our online contact form today.

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