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Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling [Asking for Help]

If you want to find helpful, free unplanned pregnancy help in California right now, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION. Because unplanned pregnancies are complex and emotional situations, unplanned pregnancy counseling could be a huge resource for you. American Adoptions of California has the specialists to give you the support you need.

An unplanned pregnancy can be a lot to process. You never have to do it alone. Our adoption specialists are available 24/7  to provide you with the unplanned pregnancy help you need and to talk you through the emotions you’re experiencing.  We will be with you from start to finish. We can also help you review all your unplanned pregnancy options and decide which one resonates most with you.

You can find all of the support you need with our team because we have over 30 years of experience helping expectant parents faced with unplanned pregnancies. Many of our amazing adoption specialists have been in your shoes as expectant parents dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. This unique perspective allows us to give you the empathetic and informative insight you deserve. No matter what emotions you’re experiencing, you won’t have to do it alone.

To get more information on your pregnancy options counseling in California or to get in touch with an options counselor who can help you, call our unwanted pregnancy helpline at 1-800-ADOPTION now or contact us online.

What is Pregnancy Options Counseling in California?

If you’re considering pregnancy options counseling while coping with an unexpected pregnancy, this can be one of the best decisions you make. Our counselors would love to provide you with the unplanned pregnancy help you need, regardless of whether you decide adoption is the right choice for you. They can also help you review your unplanned pregnancy options so that you can decide which choice is best for you and your baby.

If you want to talk about your pregnancy options, counseling can help you to work through your thoughts surrounding the following subjects and more.

Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options in California

If you’re coping with an unintended pregnancy, you have three primary unplanned pregnancy options:

You likely have a lot of thoughts running through your head. It can be hard to know which unplanned pregnancy option  is best for you. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • It can be easy to make a decision right away to relieve the stress you may be experiencing.

  • While this may be a knee-jerk reaction, it’s important to take your time and consider all of your unwanted pregnancy options.

  • Our options counselors will go over the pros and cons of each option and help you determine which aligns best with your life and personal values.

Making a life-changing decision like this is emotionally draining and can leave you feeling lost and unsure. While it can be easy to want to make a decision as soon as possible for a sense of resolution, there is no need to rush into a decision.

It’s valid to feel overwhelmed, but also important that you allow yourself time to process the emotions you’re experiencing. Getting the right unplanned pregnancy support can set the tone for the rest of your pregnancy. You don’t have to go through this overwhelming time alone. Talking about these feelings can instill a sense of relief and helps you process your unplanned pregnancy options in California carefully.

Your options counselor can provide you with unwanted pregnancy help by connecting you with beneficial resources and services, such as financial assistance for parenting or information on abortion. The adoption specialists at American Adoptions will always be there for you to provide a shoulder to lean on. We’ll make sure that you’re well taken care of and that you feel confident in deciding which unintended pregnancy is best for you.

Adoption is Never Giving Up

Choosing to give your baby up for adoption comes with a lot of complex emotions. You might see and hear the phrases “give up your baby” and “give your baby up.” Here’s the truth:

  • Adoption is never giving up.

  • You are giving your baby the best life possible with a loving family.

  • Adoption is a brave and selfless choice. 

You can contact our unplanned pregnancy helpline in California at 1-800-ADOPTION to talk to our adoption counselors. Our specialists will be able to listen to you and help walk you through the emotions you’re experiencing. We will do whatever we can to help relieve you of any heavy emotions.

“It takes you a while to realize that what you did was the best thing and, regardless of the situation that put you there, there’s nothing to be ashamed of,” said Sara, a woman who chose adoption, about giving her baby a better life. “Your ultimate decision was to place him in a family that would love him unconditionally, love him like he was their biological child.”

Not only will your child have a chance at a great life, but you will be able to resume the life you were living before your unplanned pregnancy. You’ll be able to return to pursuing your goals and living the life you want.

Is Adoption Right for you?

Even if you’re not sure how you want to handle your unintended pregnancy, our California unwanted pregnancy services can help you figure out if adoption is best for you and your baby. Our adoption specialists will never try to push you one way or another. We just want to make sure you feel confident in whichever choice you make. If you decide that you want to begin your adoption journey with us, we can help you get started right away. We can provide you with counseling for pregnancy options in California.

Even if you have already chosen adoption and are confident it’s the best choice for you and your baby, unplanned pregnancy options counseling can still be helpful. You might learn something new. It’s also just helpful to have a shoulder to lean on throughout this life-changing and likely unfamiliar process. You’ll never have to go through this alone.

Choosing adoption for my daughter was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. However, I am grateful knowing that my child is loved and cared for by her adoptive parents. They can provide for her and give her everything that I wish I could have given her. American Adoptions also helped me by providing me with a place to live and the resources I needed to get back on my feet. I am very thankful to them for that,” said Tara about her decision to choose adoption through American Adoptions.

Get Unwanted Pregnancy Advice in California

If you decide that adoption is the best choice for you or if you want more information on your unplanned pregnancy options, you can contact our unplanned pregnancy hotline at 1-800-ADOPTION or contact us online now. Our adoption specialists will be happy to help.

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